Instant support

With your permission and under your full control at all times we can access your PC to perform diagnostic checks which help us to determine the cause of the problems that you may be experiencing. We can also (with your approval) take control of your PC to resolve the problems immediately for you.

The main benefits to you of using this service are;

  • A¬†fast response to diagnose your problems and implement a solution.
  • A reduction in travelling which reduces the costs that you pay and also reduces our carbon footprint.
  • Support is independent of distance. No matter where you are, if your just up the road or half way around the world, we can still help.

To use this service you should first contact us by phone on UK(44) 01600 899 009 to obtain a 6 digit pin code.

Enter the pin code below, press the connect button and then follow the prompts provided.

Enter your 6-digit code:

Please note that instant support will be invoiced at our normal rates dependant on the time of day and the day of the week. Rates are available on request. Please ask the support technician for more information.Contact us