IT Support as you grow your business

IT Support for small businessStarting a new business is never easy. Initially you use your existing IT resources and in house skills to grow the business and make it successful. There comes a time, as companies grow, when you need more technical support and IT knowledge than is available in house. Normally this would mean recruiting additional IT staff which is often beyond the budget of smaller businesses.

An affordable alternative is to employ an external company to advise and manage your IT infrastructure for you. This instantly gives the additional skills and experience your business needs without the expense of a full time employee or the delays with recruitment and training.

Going forward in partnership.

At Firecrest IT we have formed partnerships with many companies who have outsourced their IT services to us. Monitoring their systems 24 hours a day 365 days a year we provide proactive support to ensure that their business continues to run smoothly. We handle all backups, virus protection, email, browser security, upgrades, repairs and business continuity.

Our clients are able to obtain support for any IT related item using our 24/7 help desk. Our service level agreements (SLA’s) ensure that all calls are processed and resolved within agreed timescales. Using our secure remote access, we can resolve issues without a visit, speeding up our response and reducing our carbon footprint.

Support for your future plans.

We provide free technical consultancy to our existing clients.

Working closely with our clients and reviewing existing support agreements, equipment and processes, we can ensure IT and Business alignment. This enables the IT infrastructure to be developed in line with business plans. Regular reviews keep our clients aware of emerging technologies that may streamline their business.

A fixed predictable monthly fee allows our clients to budget accurately and avoid large unplanned IT expenses.

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