Turbo-charge your computer

Is your Laptop or PC slow? Does it take forever to boot?

Your computer may only be a few years old but it is painfully slow.

You don’t want to replace it.

You have got it set up just the way you want it with all of your programs installed, files stored where you want them and you don’t want the pain of getting a new one to the same position.

Laptop computer

Why not upgrade to SSD?

Replace your outdated and slow conventional hard disk with a superfast solid state drive (SSD). This will allow it to boot up and be ready for you to get on with things in a few seconds. No more need to put the kettle on whilst it starts. Also while your at it, consiider adding more RAM to further enhance it’s speed.

You won’t believe the difference it makes!

Special Offer

Bring your computer or laptop to us and we will replace the hard disk (and upgrade the RAM if required) for you. We will transfer all of your files, all of your applications and all of your settings across to the new SSD so that it has everything you are used to in exactly the same places.

You can even have it back the same day!

Prices very depending on the size of the drive installed but start from just £75.00 inc. VAT

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