Didlaw Ltd

“I have worked with FirecrestIT for four years during which time my business has received impeccable service levels and very, very good response times. I am a very demanding service user and expect a high level of service. A lot of the IT support work is done remotely and for almost all issues can be resolved in this way. If there is a need to attend my business premises the turnaround time is very good. We recently experienced a power surge in our office due to a fault with the electricity supplier which took down all of our equipment. It was restored and working within a few hours. It was more than we could have hoped for with the smell of burning wires still in the air! Rob is very good at coming up with practical and cost-effective solutions to any of my work needs. More than support, Rob also gives advice and researches to find the most effective and cost-efficient solutions to all IT-related matters. I would not hesitate to recommend FirecrestIT/Rob to anyone with a business, or indeed to a home user. Rob covers off all my IT needs for office and home desktops, laptops, iPads, etc. Highly recommended! He is also a thoroughly nice bloke and a pleasure to work with.”

K Jackson, Partner