How to use the Firecrest IT Helpdesk

To access the helpdesk online portal please visit

The following screen will be displayed;

Firecrest IT Ltd - Helpdesk

To enter a new support ticket select the “Submit New Ticket” button.

Please note that it is not necessary to register or login to the service to be able to submit a ticket.

The following screen will be displayed;New Ticket entry screen

Complete all of the fields and press the Submit button.

You will receive notification that your ticket has been submitted as per example below.Ticket created confirmation

You will also receive an email with the ticket details which will allow you to track your ticket.

Ticket confirmation email

To track your ticket visit the site and select “Track Ticket”

Enter your Ticket ID and Ticket Key and press “Submit”

Track a Ticket

Once you have connected to your ticket you will be able to review any entries against it and update its status as required.

Registering for a support account with Firecrest IT Ltd.

If you would like to review all of your tickets then you will need to register.

Visit the page and select “Register New Account from the menu on the right of the screen.

Helpdesk registrationComplete the registration form and press the “Create Account” button. If you prefer to connect using your Twitter account use the “Link Twitter” button.

Once you have registered you will be presented with a screen showing any tickets that you have submitted.

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