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Support for small business

Why do small businesses contact Firecrest IT Ltd?
  • My existing computer support company does not give me the service that I need.
  • I do not feel that I get value for money from my current arrangement.
  • We are looking for a local IT support company to provide a fast response when we have problems.
  • I have a specific problem that I need help to resolve and don’t currently have a support contract.
  • I have a specific project that I need help to plan and implement.
  • I need to talk through my plans to develop IT within my business.
  • I have concerns about IT security and data backup.
  • I have another problem / query that is not on the list.

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Bridges Centre

Bridges Centre, Monmouth

Mark Walton, Bridges Centre Director, commented,

 “Since Rob and Firecrest took over the IT support role at Bridges we have greatly benefitted from his very professional approach, attention to detail and helpful solutions.   We have very much appreciated having him on site and can  recommend his services to individuals and organisations looking for reliable assistance for all IT requirements.”

Protect against the Locky virus

According to recent reports, massive volumes of JavaScript attachments are being spammed out that contain dangerous ransomware.

We recommend taking the following additional precautions to protect your install base:

  • Make sure your mail protection solution is blocking macro-enabled documents and .js scripts
  • Ensure that you have blocked user access to downloading Tor by blacklisting the following URL: (the Locky virus in particular relies on downloading and installing the Tor browser and some versions may use Tor to contact the command and control servers)
  • Block any items falling under the category of “proxy avoidance” or “anonymizers.”
  • Disable Java in client browsers.
  • And we suggest that access to the following IPs be completely blocked at the firewall:

Learn more about the Locky virus here

HMRC Email scam

We have been tracking a new email scam which appears to emanate from HM Revenue & Customs. The email suggests that the recipient is due a tax refund and asks them to download a form that is attached to the email. The body of the email is similar to that shown below.

Please do not respond to this email in any way and do not download the form or provide any personal information. HMRC will never use this method to notify you of tax returns and although the sender address looks genuine it has been spoofed. If you have any concerns or would like to discuss this further please contact us.

From: HM Revenue & Customs []
Subject: Submit Your Tax Refund Continue reading “HMRC Email scam”

Location of Firecrest IT Ltd

We have moved

Firecrest IT Ltd have relocated to new offices in the centre of Monmouth. Drybridge House is the home of Bridges Community Centre and now also our new home. The new offices place us at the centre of the community and provide easy access and free parking for our customers. We are delighted with the move which will also allow us to expand the services that we offer.

Please come to visit us to discuss any problems you may have.

You can find us here.

Didlaw Ltd

Didlaw Ltd

“I have worked with FirecrestIT for four years during which time my business has received impeccable service levels and very, very good response times. I am a very demanding service user and expect a high level of service. A lot of the IT support work is done remotely and for almost all issues can be resolved in this way. If there is a need to attend my business premises the turnaround time is very good. We recently experienced a power surge in our office due to a fault with the electricity supplier which took down all of our equipment. It was restored and working within a few hours. It was more than we could have hoped for with the smell of burning wires still in the air! Rob is very good at coming up with practical and cost-effective solutions to any of my work needs. More than support, Rob also gives advice and researches to find the most effective and cost-efficient solutions to all IT-related matters. I would not hesitate to recommend FirecrestIT/Rob to anyone with a business, or indeed to a home user. Rob covers off all my IT needs for office and home desktops, laptops, iPads, etc. Highly recommended! He is also a thoroughly nice bloke and a pleasure to work with.”

K Jackson, Partner